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Unburnable at the St Lucia Jazz Festival: 2006-05-13
  • Working hard in St. Lucia!
    Somehow, when I sent around this photo, nobody believed I was working hard – so maybe I can finally admit that it wasn’t hard work, it was a really, really good time! Special thanks to Costello Michel, Chair of the St. Lucia Tourist Board, for agreeing to meet with me, for listening to my “pitch,” for passing Unburnable on to his wife, Jenni Killam – who LOVED it and promoted it throughout St. Lucia and during the Jazz Festival.

    Big thanks also to St. Lucian Cybelle Brown, Vice President at BET Digital Networks and Event Production, for also “feeling” the story enough to invite me to sign in the BET-J booth during the Jazz Festival, and for arranging the three-part interview on BET-J’s talk show, My Two Cents.

    I met so many beautiful people in St. Lucia, people from all over the Caribbean, from the U.S., from England. And Jazz People are some book-buying people! Jazz People also like to write and to make connections – I’ve received so many emails from my “jazz crowd,” and I’ve also been connected to book clubs in the Caribbean and in the U.S. I have to mention Essence of the Islands Book Club, based in the metropolitan area, one of the first clubs to read Unburnable, and it was my pleasure to have been there!
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